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Management Consultant Resume Examples, Templates Complete Guide

Management Consultant Resume Examples, Templates Complete Guide How do I make the best out of my resume? How can I increase my chances of going to the second round of interviews? Is it possible that I have been making some mistakes while creating my resume that thwarted my success?How Can I improve?Those and many other questions are what taunt each candidate each time they decide to send out a resume.Are those questions valid? Yes, yes they are. Creating a perfect resume is not just a matter of listing personal, educational, and experience information.Many recruiters and HR professionals have studied the ups and downs of summaries to come to a conclusion of how a perfect resume should look like and what pieces of information it should contain.We at Cleverism, have perfected the art of creating resumes! Our resume builder will make it easier to choose the right template, the right font, pick the right information and essentially put you and your resume at the top 10%.So, if you are in the process of looking for a new job, take a look at our resume builder, and find what suits you the most!If you are looking for the very first job ever, and are dreading writing about your non-existent experience, we have a solution for you as well.As if writing resumes is not stressful even if you have a great experience under your belt, you now feel like you have to highlight the lack thereof.You do not.We will show you how to emphasize other parts of your resume so that the lack of experience may even work to your advantage, rather than disqualify you from the job search.We have prepared this text for all of you aspiring Management Consultants with the idea to help you create the best resume of your life which will be a tool on the road to getting that promotion, that dream job, or reaching your very first professional milestone.What are some other questions that are going through your mind when you think about writing your resume? Is it something along the lines of what information you should include? How about the length of it? Keep it sh ort or let your pen run wild? How do you stand out among possibly hundreds of others?In this guide we will help you find the answers to those and many other questions you did not even know you had!You will learn to pick the right information, to order them in a way that is most logical to the recruiters, to highlight your strengths and mask your weaknesses.Our guide is not designed to ensure you get the job, we cannot make that guarantee.However, we do guarantee a larger number of callbacks and that you will be noticed during that first, impersonal round where all the recruiters are basing their choice on is your resume.The rest is pretty much on you and the fact whether you actually meet the job criteria.So, visit our resume builder.Have you picked a layout yet?Great!Let’s get started on creating your resume.We will start by showing you two great examples for a person of your interests, and then we will explain the requirements of each section, and the mistakes that can possibly sneak up on you, step by step.You can try to fill in the resume as we go, or you can make notes and do it later.Check yourself for any mistakes that you might have made in the past and correct them. You will be surprised how much damage a little mistake can do.Ready? Let’s start!!Consulting Resume Example: Helen Paul Right Management Consultant Resume Example: Kenneth Blind Right Create your own resumeAfter going through those two excellent examples of Management Consultant resumes for candidates with or without experience, you may already know how to fill out the template you have chosen from our resume builder.To check and have more of your questions answered to, read our section-by-section in-depth guide.TRICKS ON WRITING THE PERSONAL INFO SECTION OF A MANAGEMENT CONSULTANT RESUMEThe personal information section contains all the necessary information needed to contact you. It seems unlikely, but many resumes are discarded just based on personal information. The reason for that is not in the content, but in the manner in which they are presented.The most important thing here is to keep it professional.Let us go through the personal information subsections step by step.Your name Write your full name i.e. your first and last name. Avoid middle names, nicknames, and abbreviations. All of these make you look unprofessional and childish. If the recruiters see something like this, regardless of how strongly you identify with your nickname, for example, the chances of you getting an interview are slim to none.Profession i.e. the job you are applying for. Very often, a company will have more than one position open in that recruitment period so, specifying what you are applying for makes it easier for the recruiters to spot you.Photo â€" providing a photo is not obligatory in a conventional sense. IT is because some countries do not allow resumes with photos, while others require it. Both have valid reasons for that. Check the practices of the country you are applying for a job in, and act accordingly. If a photo is required make sure it is decent, that you are neatly combed and dressed. It should be a one-person headshot with a neutral background. If you do not have such a photo, ask a friend do make it or visit a studio, do not crop existing pictures.Address, e-mail, and phone number â€" those should be valid, and you should be available to answer a call during working hours (this is when you may expect an interview call). Provide your current address. Keep the e-mail professional as well- use trusted platforms like hotmail, Gmail, or yahoo, and make sure that the e-mail is easily connected to your full name.LinkedIn Account â€" Having a professional LinkedIn account is not obligatory, however it is considered that every contemporary job-seeker has one. It is easy to set up and it provides a great online extension to your resume.Additional information drivers’ or other licenses, social media and more. Provide them if you think that they may contribute to your job. E.g. you used social media to promote your consultant company.Name and EmailHelen RightName and EmailKenny Blind, Kenneth J. BlindOrKenneth B.K. WrongWith our resume builder quickly add or remove sections as you need. And never worry that you will miss providing important information!SUMMARY SECTION TH AT’LL MAKE YOU A CONSULTANT IN NO TIME!Aside from the experience section, the summary section has proven the most difficult to write for the majority of candidates. It is because it seems as if it is almost completely a space to write whatever you want about yourself. It is not.It is your introduction to the recruiters which means it should have certain attention-grabbing aspects.What are those and how do you find them? The information you should include are given in the job description, use them as keywords.If the job description requires that you operate a certain program, say it, if they are looking for an experienced person-mention how much experience you have.Use the job description as a guideline.What are the most common mistakes candidates make on writing the summary?Length â€" the summary should be 2-3 sentences with specific information. Candidates who find it difficult to write about themselves will opt for a short, generic summary. The mistake with it is that it does no t provide any new information rather than restating the obvious “I want the job you are offering”. Others find it easy to write about themselves, and even if they do include some additional information, it gets lost somewhere in those sentences and other information, and the recruiters miss the important stuff.Content â€" When writing a summary you should highlight a couple of your accomplishments, which ones are determined by the job description. However, many candidates choose to put in the summary something that they want to emphasize, but it is not related to education, experience or skills. If that is the case, why include it in the resume at all?SummaryAn experienced, motivated and creative Management Consultant with 10+ years of experience in Management and Marketing is looking for a new job where I can help my clients reach their greatest potential. I am singlehandedly responsible for the 15% increase in sales over the last year in the previous job. Experienced in busine ss strategy and employee training, I am looking for a fresh working environment to progress more and share my experience. RightSummaryExperienced consultant is looking for a new job. WrongUse up our advice and fill in the summary section in the best possible way.WHAT REALLY MATTERS TO POINT OUT IN THE EXPERIENCE SECTIONThe key to writing the experience section is relevance. You should only write down the experience related to the job application. Summer camp tutoring or working in McDonalds before you got your first “real” job is not relevant.Aside from relevance, pay attention to list the experience in the reverse-chronological order. Start with the most recent one.Recruiters consider the experience acquired the latest as something you would be best at, and that is still fresh in your mind.Aside from providing pure facts on when, where, and in which position you have been working, give short descriptions of your duties and accomplishments (two lines each max).Mistakes that ar e made here:Crowding the section with irrelevant jobs making it more difficult for the recruiters to find what they are looking for.Not stating specific accomplishments. Right WrongWriting the experience section is especially tricky if you do not have any experience to show for. In this case, handling this section can make or break your chances at an interview. What is it that you can do?Emphasize your education over your experience. Either put the experience section under the education or leave it altogether. Deciding to write about any experience that is not related to your field of interest, is okay if you have a ready answer to how it prepared you for the job you are looking for.HOW TO WRITE THE EDUCATION SECTION AS A MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTWriting about the education section consists of writing about your formal education, and it may be the easiest part of creating a summary.You should start with the most recent point and work down to the first one. It is important that you state where you got your degree.It is not enough to say “BS in Management” without mentioning the institution in which you have received your degree.So, start by mentioning the school, and then add the accomplishments.If during your college years you have received scholarships, honors and awards, feel free to highlight them.This will show the recruiters that you are one of the rare ones. If you had a specifically noteworthy GPA, mention it.Also, mention the clubs you have participated in.The education section is particularly important if you do not have any experience, or if your experience is so scarce that putting an emphasis on education has more sense.If that is the case, put the education section right under the summary, and leave experience section for later, or leave it out altogether.Other information that you should include are any certificates or licenses that you have obtained, whether online or in continuing education.Make it a point that those information showcase your ability to successfully do the job you are applying for. Scuba-diving certificate does not count.To make things easier, we have provided you with an option to completely remove the sections, so you can choose a template with or without experience section, and you can add (or remove) as many information as you wish! Have filled in your education section yet? Right WrongTHE BEST WAY TO SHOWCASE YOUR MANAGEMENT CONSULTING SKILLSWriting the skills section is seemingly easy, and you might think that there is no room for mistakes there.You just put down everything you are good at, right?Well, wrong.The choice of skills that you want to improve should mirror the skills required in the job description.There is no need that you have them all, and it is not forbidden that you put down more than that, the key is to include those that you have and which match the job description. The choice of other skills that you desire to put down is on you.The thing that you should pay attention to is that you should not include skills that are relevant to the management, consulting or any other aspect of your job. If it somehow helps you do the job well, then include it.You can divide the skills into core skills and soft skills.Core skills are those which directly enable you to do your job like knowing a certain program or for example, accounting if your job will consist of managing finances.Soft skills are the personality traits that enable you to be a great consultant: great time management skills, people skills, communication.When you are listing the skills, establish an order. The usual way is to list the core skills and then the soft ones, however there is no rule that says you cannot reverse it.What you should not do is mix them up, and only for the sake of consistency and order. The recruiters spend only seconds skimming through your resume, so do not confuse them. Right WrongMake sure that you provide the level of knowledge of each skill. The recruiters will have a better picture of whether you are the person for the job if the skills are not just listed all on their own.Pick from a variety of grading options (descriptive, star-based, scale…) from our resume builder.TIPS TRICKS THAT GET MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS HIRED RIGHT AWAYKeep and regularly update a master resume. A master resume is a resume with all your experience, education and personal information. Have them listed at one place so that you do not forget some of it, or if for nothing else, it is quicker and easier to copy information than write it all over again.Tailor-make a resume for each job application. Do not make the mistake of sending out generic resumes, even if you create it on our builder. Even the slightest tweak according to the job description can make a huge difference.Steer clear of highlighting politically colored causes and accomplishments.Do not get discouraged. Finding a perfect job happens overnight only in movies. If you do not get a job that you have applied for that does not mean that you will not get the next one, or the next one.Before sending the resume, make sure to proofread it for either type-Os or content mistakes. Remove information you may find redundant, or add more if you need to. It is also advisable to have somebody else look at it, just so you do not miss something.Try to take a look at your resume from the HRs perspective and try to be as objective as possible. Compare the resume with the job requirements. Here, a colleague’s or a friend’s helpful hand can also point out misses and mistakes.Save your resume in a PDF format- un-editable, nice and neat.Practice answering interview questions. If you do not have an explanation or a reason why certain information found its place on your resume, it is better to remove them. Otherwise, you may seem unprepared.Use our resume builder. It will significantly improve your resume and yo ur resume-creating experience.FINAL THOUGHTSAnd voila- your perfect Management Consultant resume!We, here at Cleverism sincerely hope that you will get your dream job!   We have given you all the necessary information and showed you our best tips and tricks to create a resume that will help you achieve that.If you follow the guidelines you will surely be noticed among others, we are sure of that!Our last advice for you is to keep improving, master new skills that can help you be a better Management Consultant, invest in furthering your education, your current employers will appreciate that, and when you decide that it is time that you moved on, it will be easier to choose what to put on your next resume. Good luck! Create your own resume

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Deforestation And Environment - 1125 Words

Deforestation is a clearing of a wide area of into cleared land that is used for a variety of reasons. The impact on the environment from cutting down, burning and damaging forests is very detrimental and there will be severe consequences for the environment and future generations because of deforestation and approximately 7.3 million hectares of forests are being destroyed per year in the world. (citation) In this essay, I will explore the impact that deforestation on the environment and I will also look at the actions that are being taken to prevent deforestation. There are various reasons why deforestation is occurring despite its negative effects on the environment. Deforestation occurs for many reasons, agriculture, due to the†¦show more content†¦(citation). The carbon dioxide in the atmosphere acts as a blanket which traps the heat in the atmosphere and prevents it from leaving which can results in an increase of temperature. (citation) Another result of deforestation is the loss or decline of animal habitats and the loss of animal diversity. (citation) Forests provide a shelter, a habitat and a food source for many species. Tropical rainforest provides habitats for a great amount of the worlds species and the only cover 7% of the earth’s surface and they are the most in danger by deforestation. (citation) Many animals that live in forests are herbivores and by deforestation it is removing their main food source, and it can be necessary for them to leave their home to search for food, which can result in starvation, death or forcing them to live in small forest fragments. (citation) Due to deforestation dozens of species are becoming extinct every day and by the middle of the century half of all the species could be lost. (citation) Deforestation causes very sever soil erosion, flooding and reduce the quality of water sources. Areas that have been victim to deforestation are very venerable to flooding because there are no longer trees to prevent sediment runoff, also because trees retain more water then farmlands because some water will stay inShow MoreRelatedDeforestation And Environment1402 Words   |  6 Pages Deforestation is an increasing global crisis and is mainly caused by human actions. Forests cover approximately 31% of the area on the planet (Deforestation, n.d.). Deforestation is the destruction of a wide area of forest land into a cleared land that is used for a variety of reasons. The impact on the environment from cutting down, burning and damaging forests is very detrimental and there are severe consequences for the environment and future generations due to deforestation. According to theRead MoreThe Effects Of Deforestation On The Environment845 Words   |  4 Pagesdo to protect the environment? Our planet is shifting, we need to help it change for the better. There are many effects that can change our Globe in a shocking manner but, the good news is each individual can contribute to make a better world for our children. People across the world acquired, use, and dispose enormous multiplicity of products which helps to build our lives easier and more comfortable. Howeve r, the outcome of this can make massive damage to our environment. Working together withRead MoreEffects Of Deforestation On The Environment1389 Words   |  6 PagesDeforestation is one of the many problems this world faces today. Many people are unaware of how harmful deforestation can be towards the environment and the animals that inhabit the area. Many people don’t even know what deforestation is and that it’s actually happening. To sum it all up, deforestation is the process of destroying forests by cutting them down or burning the trees down, destroying hundreds of acres in order to make more land available for other uses thinking that the benefits outweighRead MoreThe Effects Of Deforestation On The Environment953 Words   |  4 PagesAir Pollution Deforestation has been an ongoing activity in both the North and South Island in relatively equal measures. Since New Zealand was inhabited, Maori and European settlers have exploited the forests in New Zealand, reducing them from 82% to 23% of the surface area throughout the country. (Ewersa et al,, 2006). This is a great volume of vegetation which has been removed from the earth’s surface. In return, many harmful impacts are being imposed on the environment. One of these is the increasedRead MoreThe Effects Of Deforestation On The Environment1379 Words   |  6 Pagesyou no choice but to run through the forest. Being separated from family members, all alone in the african desert with no home left. This issue is happening all over the place for many beloved animals yet not much is being done about it at all. Deforestation is a major issue for animals, forests are a huge source of oxygen for the wildlife surrounding them. â€Å"80% of the animals in the world live in or arou nd forests†(National Geographic, Munita) there has been a huge increase for many species goingRead MoreDeforestation Is Bad For The Environment2000 Words   |  8 Pages Even though we need trees for many things, deforestation needs to lessen because it causes things to happen to the atmosphere, animals, and humans. Deforestation is bad for the environment. At least half of the world’s tropical forests has been cleared. There is about 2,000 trees being cut down per minute. An estimate of 140 species of rainforest plants and animals go extinct every day! Deforestation is the clearing of trees to make a cleared place of land that is used for many things. People useRead MoreDeforestation And Its Effects On The Environment1616 Words   |  7 PagesBackground Webster dictionary defines deforestation as the action or process of clearing of forests. It occurs when humans desire to make use of land covered by forest for other purposes. This clearing of tree is concerning due to the fact that trees are being cut down at a rate much greater then they can grow back. This is called overshot, and can have a devastating impact on the environment. There is an estimated loss of 18 million acres of forest each year. That is roughly equivalent to the sizeRead MoreDeforestation And Its Effects On The Environment1120 Words   |  5 PagesTo start off, thirty percent of the world’s land are forests. (Anonymous, para. 1). However, the number of forests are dwindling down due to the deforestation that happens every year. Deforestation is â€Å"the act or result of cutting down or burning all the trees in an area† (Anonymous). Unfortunately, this damages the land. Deforestation has many factors of what causes the loss of trees. There are ag riculture farmers that cut down trees to have more acres to grow more plants or to have more livestockRead MoreThe Effects Of Deforestation On The Environment915 Words   |  4 Pagesongoing environmental issues, which include water shortages, soil erosion and deforestation. The soil erosion has been caused by an excessive use of pesticides and fertilizers. Deforestation has been a detrimental issue because of the large amounts of agricultural and land clearing, and not to mention the over use of wood products for fuel purposes, without replanting new growth. Another leading cause of deforestation is forest fires caused by man, whether it’s intentional or accidental. Water shortagesRead MoreDeforestation And Its Effects On The Environment912 Words   |  4 PagesRainforests today are disappearing at an alarming rate as a result of deforestation for commercial purposes such as logging, agriculture, and livestock and the probable solution are becoming far from realistic as th e expansion becomes bigger and bigger. Every year, an estimated 18 million acres are destroyed for various reasons, including paper, timber. An average of two football field sizes of precious rainforest are torn down, killing millions of animals and destroying valuable pharmaceutical plants

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A Review of Interesting Topics for an Argumentative Essay

A Review of Interesting Topics for an Argumentative Essay Odds are, all you have to do is relax and locate a topic you're passionate about and, needless to say, one that's debatable. As an example, let's say you select the very first topic from our list. When you choose a topic, you should react to the query and after that substantiate your response with three or more motivations as to why you think like that. So be sure you decide on a subject, which has values in it. Whichever style of argument you select, you will nonetheless should opt for a proper topic for an argumentative essay. You will likely find a different and wonderful topic you will love to write about. You wish to opt for something which is controversial as you can't really argue to refute facts. There's something for everybody in here. Bear in mind, however, that convincing your intended audience about something which you don't know for sure isn't the ideal way to compose your paper. When you're picking your topic, remember that it's much simpler to write about something which you currently have interest ineven in case you don't know a good deal about it. Top Choices of Interesting Topics for an Argumentative Essay A wonderful idea may be to pick out a subjec t, which has a stable selection of accessible info and nonetheless sufficient room for a private research. Then use that information to create a paper that states at least three distinct explanations for why you believe your side of the problem. For instance, in college, you might be requested to compose a paper from the opposing perspective. Everything that is truly essential for creating your paper successful is to convince your intended audience on the ground of your private opinion. You have to produce an original thesis and utilize evidence to support it. One of the most vital elements of an argument essay is to ponder and present either side of the problem and undertake an exhaustive evaluation of each. A decent argumentative essay clearly presents either side of the argument. It is called to show your ability to compose a solid statement and defend your point with arguments. There are lots of aspects about a sport which can be argued in an essay. The introduction s hould offer general information which will be included in the guide. On our site, you can view a sample argument essay which will be of the exact same quality you can anticipate from any one of our writers. Imperialism and colonialism essays on the history of european expansion There are scores and scores of essay writing services from which you'll be able to get an essay on the other side of the internet trying to find the very best way to receive qualified. It is possible to observe examples of the argumentative essay outline on the website or look the up on the internet. Detailed researching and outline editing When you have the entire picture of the essay in your thoughts, start searching for details that will allow you to persuade readers. It's therefore important to always make sure you pick interesting topics for essay since this will generate the interest amongst your readers to read more and learn what the essay is about. Your essay ought to be well-written. An argumentative essay is among the most troublesome kinds of essays. In order to really convince readers of your perspective, it must also look at the opposing views. Choosing Interesting Topics for an Argumentative Essay Is Simple Be alert to your instructor's requirements Before you opt for a topic, you should request detailed instructions. The intent of assigning an essay to middle school students is to make awareness and permit them to develop writing skills. On the flip side, if you've got to compose a persuasive essay, all the matters mentioned previously don't play such significant function. If you would like to learn what an argumentative essay is, the very first thing you need to remember is that its principal aim is to convince the audience t o accept your perspective. After you've finished your essay, take a while before you return to edit it. If you're searching for the most trustworthy essay writing service so you can discover how to compose an intriguing essay, then you've come to the proper spot. The exact same thing you're going to do in your argumentative essay! You don't need to acquire super technical with legal argumentative essays, but remember to do your homework on what the present laws about your favorite topic actually say. Argumentative essay is about arguing and debating on a subject, which is debatable. To compose a great paper, you will need to pick out a strong topic. Choice of the essay topic can slow down your writing process for quite a long time, as you just don't understand what you will write about. Researching the topic will enable you to find out more about what fascinates you, and should you pick something you truly like, writing the essay will be more enjoyable.

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Analysis of the Economic State of the Cleveland District Free Essays

The Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland in District four, has a positive future economic development. The positive indicator identified as increasing the economies’ momentum is real GDP. Even though prices of inputs are rising and trade deficits seem to be present, there was a support in an above-trend economic growth (Minutes of the FOMC, January ; May). We will write a custom essay sample on Analysis of the Economic State of the Cleveland District or any similar topic only for you Order Now At first glance, the district seemed to be slowly improving from the financial crisis, but to determine the why and how much it is improving, further analysis was required. The three methods used to analyze the current state of the Cleveland District are the Beige book- months May through September, trends from FRED, and Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC). From the months of May through September, the Beige book reports a positive moderate increase in the overall economy, and business of the Cleveland District (Federal Reserve September 2018, 2). Throughout the period, companies dealt with an increase in prices of the transportation sector by raising their final price of goods. In addition, companies- mainly manufacturing- also struggled with hiring qualified workers. Business activity continually increased causing firms to struggle to hire enough employees to cover the demand (Federal Reserve July 2018, D1). There was still a positive increase in business transactions due to the job surplus. Companies fought for workers by increasing the workers wage, so although there was an increase in input costs, there was a similar increase in wages to match it. Because of this increase in wages there were a couple of industries that were able to successfully increase their selling prices without a drop in consumer demand: construction firms, retailers, and housing and commercial real estate markets (Federal Reserve May 2018, D1). Beyond these industries, it is crucial to analyze the strength of the financial system when assessing recent economic developments in the district. This can be done by examining the number of non-performing loans. This variable provides insight into the commercial banking industry and low rates of default imply sustainable economic development. Graph 1 displays a tremendous increase in the dollar value of non-performing loans that developed as a result of the Great Recession. Since then, however, the dollar value of non-performing loans has steadily decreased, and this indicates a far healthier state for the commercial banking industry within the Cleveland District (Graph 1) (Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council). Further assessment of how the economy is functioning and making projections about where it could go in the future can be ascertained from analyzing the statements of the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC). By reading their publication, we feel confident in making judgements about both positive and negative economic indicators, as well as establishing a future economic outlook. From the depths of the Great Recession, beginning in 2009, the economy has been rebounding over a ten-year period and is now seeing solid growth. A general good indicator of the economy’s underlying momentum, real GDP, was growing at about 2.5 percent in the fourth quarter of last year. Real GDP continued to grow at a moderate pace, and according to the minutes of their statement from May, the FOMC maintains its assertion that real GDP is expected to pick up and to outpace potential growth output through 2020. GDP is an essential figure in measuring the economy’s health and vitality, and when coupled with low unemployment, strong investment and consumer spending, and recent fiscal policy measures, the FOMC views this performance as evidence of an expanding economy (Minutes of the FOMC, January ; May 2018). While the U.S. economy seems to be moving along at a forward pace, certain geopolitical risks and tensions pose threats that could hinder the aforementioned positive indicators. The FOMC reported that the nominal U.S. trade deficit widened, as imports rose briskly, outpacing the increase in exports. Trade tensions have been central recently to discussions pertaining to the economy and financial markets, and the potential calamities that could happen should a trade war ensue. The general opinion is that countries such as the United States and China can only benefit from working together, but this tit-for-tat strategy on increased tariffs leaves economists and policy-makers on alert (Minutes of the FOMC, May 2018). When making predictions about future economic outlook, the FOMC utilizes current information in making those projections, as well as analyzing the overall state of the economy, both domestically and abroad. Several economic fundamentals were currently supporting above-trend economic growth; these included a strong labor market, federal tax and spending policies, high levels of household and business confidence, favorable financial conditions, and strong economic growth abroad. They projected that inflation should hover around its 2 percent target, and most notably, real GDP to continue to increase. This sustained increase in GDP, as well as the other fundamentals of the economy, create an overall sense of optimism about the future trend of the economy. Risks are seen as roughly balanced and so long as these mechanics, such as GDP, continue to grow, the economic outlook is one that is robust (Minutes of the FOMC, May 2018). In conclusion, The Beige book specifically states the increase in price of inputs, their effect on various sectors, and how businesses approached the change.   This also affects wages, but there was a job surplus to counteract the increase. The FOMC statements show that there is a positive future outlook due to the indicator of an increase in GDP overtime. Graph Dollar Value of Non-Performing Loans in FRB Cleveland District from 1984 to present (Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council) Works Cited Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (US), Total Nonperforming Loans for Commercial Banks Geographically Located in FRB-Cleveland District [D4NP], retrieved from FRED, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis; , September 22, 2018. Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland. 2018. â€Å"The Cleveland Fed at a Glance†. At a Glance.   Accessed September 22, 2018. Federal Reserve District. May 2018. â€Å"The Beige Book†. Accessed September 22, 2018. Federal Reserve District. July 2018. â€Å"The Beige Book†. Accessed September 22, 2018. Federal Reserve District. May 2018. â€Å"The Beige Book†. Accessed September 22, 2018. Minutes of the Federal Open Market Committee, January 30-31, 2018. Accessed September 23, 2018. Minutes of the Federal Open Market Committee, May 1-2, 2018. Accessed September 23, 2018. How to cite Analysis of the Economic State of the Cleveland District, Papers

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Miles Davis and Steve Reich free essay sample

Though I am not particularly fond of Jazz (especially of the elevator music type), it is obvious that there was thought, time and talent put in every moment of what Vive heard of Davis. There seems to be plenty of melody and Just enough improvisation to keep things interesting, but not get dry or tiresome. Steve Reich was a composer of the minimalist style of music. He used many types of media to create his music. The class textbook describes Reich as the acknowledged old master of the minimalist style and having little experience with this type of music cannot agree or disagree with this statement- however, I can offer my opinion.I read through the text and Steve Reich website, listened to the Music for 18 Musicians and found that I disliked the sounds that I heard. So I watched all of the videos and listened to the required MPH four more times. We will write a custom essay sample on Miles Davis and Steve Reich or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page While I find the sound In most of his compositions as what I would gladly use as an alarm ring tone on my cell phone, I appreciate what he is trying to accomplish by audibly breaking down what could be melodies or patterns.If I approach each composer with the qualifications I need met to be an incredible piece of music, I do not think that Steve Reich would be qualified as a Classical composer Insofar as I am not transported to a place of contentment. Or emotionally moved by his works. I am mostly irritated, though (and this in itself is a event of emotion), so if I am playing devils advocate-Just because I dont like the way it sounds, does not mean that Reich is not an actual Classical composer.The manipulation of sound, the digression of a simple melody Is kind of what made Gregorian chanting into Western music, after all, and Classic Rock became the product of all the music before it. (Maybe I really owe Steve Reich a very large thank you. ) One of Steve Reeces pieces, Music for 18 Musicians, was an early classic for the minimalist style. Reich was heavily Influenced by the gametal orchestras and was hinging of orchestration and harmony when he wrote this piece. He was vehement 1 OFF middle register by starting with a series of chords.I believe that there are a few (very few) number of similarities between Steve Reich and Miles Davis. Artistically, there are similarities in the structure of the music and the way simple harmonies or chords are broken down and expounded upon. Apart from this, I cannot hear many similarities. While Miles Davis makes me feel comforted and relaxed with his melodies and wondering music, Steve Reich makes me wonder what exactly is going on in this bad science fiction movie Im watching.

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Jack Kerouac and the beat movement essays

Jack Kerouac and the beat movement essays World War II marked a wide dividing line between the old and the new in American society and the nations literature(The World Book Encyclopedia 427) . When world War II ended there was a pent up desire that had been postponed due to the war. Post war America brought about a time when it seemed that every young man was doing the same thing, getting a job, settling down and starting a family. America was becoming a nation of consumers. One group that was against conforming to this dull American lifestyle was referred to as Beatniks. The Beats or Beatniks condemned middle class American life as morally bankrupt. They praised individualism as the highest human goal(The World Book Encyclopedia 428). This perspective was present in poetry and literature through out the beat movement. One of the most important works produced during the beat movement was Jack Kerouacs On The Road. In the novel Jack Kerouacs alter ego Sal Paradise represents the American man who realizes he doesnt want to conform to societies pressures but still hasnt realized what it is exactly he wants to do. He is a man who has very little direction and is very much lost in the world as he knows it. Kerouac seems to be constantly trying to escape. In examining the novel one might wonder what is Kerouac escaping and by what means does he do so? Kerouac used two means of escape through out the novel and through out his life. His first means of escape was his constant travel. He traveled from east to west, New York to San Francisco and stopped everywhere in between. He made this trip over and over, constantly on the road. The simple title of the novel exemplifies Kerouacs ongoing need to travel. When he and his friends got tried of traveling east to west they traveled north to south, driving all the way down to Mexico City. His travels gave him the opportunity to be an outsider with no worries. He ...

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Prehistoric Life During the Neogene Period

Prehistoric Life During the Neogene Period During the course of the Neogene period, life on earth adapted to new ecological niches opened up by global coolingand some mammals, birds, and reptiles evolved to truly impressive sizes in the process. The Neogene is the second period of the Cenozoic Era (65 million years ago to the present), preceded by the Paleogene period (65-23 million years ago) and succeeded by the Quaternary period-and is itself comprised of the Miocene (23-5 million years ago) and Pliocene (5-2.6 million years ago) epochs. Climate and Geography Like the preceding Paleogene, the Neogene period witnessed a trend toward global cooling, especially at higher latitudes (it was immediately after the end of the Neogene, during the Pleistocene epoch, that the earth underwent a series of ice ages interspersed with warmer interglacials). Geographically, the Neogene was important for the land bridges that opened up between various continents: it was during the late Neogene that North and South America became connected by the Central American Isthmus, Africa was in direct contact with southern Europe via the dry Mediterranean Sea basin, and eastern Eurasia and western North America were joined by the Siberian land bridge. Elsewhere, the slow impact of the Indian subcontinent with the underbelly of Asia produced the Himalayan mountains. Terrestrial Life During the Neogene Period Mammals. Global climate trends, combined with the spread of newly evolved grasses, made the Neogene period the golden age of open prairies and savannahs. These extensive grasslands spurred the evolution of even- and odd-toed ungulates, including prehistoric horses and camels (which originated in North America), as well as deer, pigs, and rhinoceroses. During the later Neogene, the interconnections between Eurasia, Africa, and North and South America set the stage for a confusing network of species interchanges, resulting (for example) in the near extinction of South Americas Australia-like marsupial megafauna. From a human perspective, the most important development of the Neogene period was the continuing evolution of apes and hominids. During the Miocene epoch, a huge number of hominid species inhabited Africa and Eurasia; during the ensuing Pliocene, most of these hominids (among them the direct ancestors of modern humans) were clustered in Africa. It was immediately after the Neogene period, during the Pleistocene epoch, that the first human beings (genus Homo) appeared on the planet. Birds. While birds never quite matched the size of their distant mammalian cousins, some of the flying and flightless species of the Neogene period were truly enormous (for example, the airborne Argentavis and Osteodontornis both exceeded 50 pounds.) The end of the Neogene marked the extinction of most of the flightless, predatory terror birds of South America and Australia, the last dregs being wiped out in the ensuing Pleistocene. Otherwise, bird evolution continued apace, with most modern orders well- represented by the close of the Neogene. Reptiles. A large chunk of the Neogene period was dominated by gigantic crocodiles, which still never quite managed to match the size of their Cretaceous forebears. This 20-million-year span also witnessed the continuing evolution of prehistoric snakes and (especially) prehistoric turtles, the latter group of which began to reach truly impressive proportions by the start of the Pleistocene epoch. Marine Life Although prehistoric whales had started to evolve in the preceding Paleogene period, they didnt become exclusively marine creatures until the Neogene, which also witnessed the continuing evolution of the first pinnipeds (the mammalian family that includes seals and walruses) as well as prehistoric dolphins, to which whales are closely related. Prehistoric sharks maintained their status at the top of the marine food chain; Megalodon, for example, had already appeared at the end of the Paleogene and continued its dominance throughout the Neogene as well. Plant Life There were two major trends in plant life during the Neogene period. First, plunging global temperatures spurred the rise of massive deciduous forests, which replaced jungles and rainforests in high northern and southern latitudes. Second, the worldwide spread of grasses went hand-in-hand with the evolution of mammalian herbivores, culminating in todays familiar horses, cows, sheep, deer, and other grazing and ruminant animals.